Featured On CNN

Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam Featured On CNN “Business Owner Encourages Graffiti” Click Here To See The Video Or Watch on YouTube You’ve seen graffiti on subway cars and roadways, but is it art? One New Jersey businessman thinks so.

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Status Snowboards

Demer & Rain recently did a logo reproduction job for status snowboards at mountain creek. Easy job except it was in the middle of a mountain in December! Thank god for Montana 94

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Vicious Styles Crew: Graffiti Class

This Graffiti Art Class (originally developed by Pose Two) was created to teach and explore the history styles and techniques of the art form called graffiti. This class will follow a similar format and be taught by members of the Vicious Styles Crew. Instuctors: Leon Rainbow, Will Kasso, Joe Base, Demer, Mek, Snow, Ras, Delve, […]

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