“I was born and raised in Trenton, NJ and started writing graffiti in high school around 1998-1999 under a different alias. After a few year hiatus I took on the alias Mek One and started writing again. I met Pro, Rain, Plan and Kasso in 2005 and they showed me some of the trade secrets which helped me develop my style. In 2006, we started Vicious Styles crew and put Trenton on the map for graffiti. In 2008, I was asked to join the FUA Krew, which is a very well established and respected crew from upstate New York. I was recently put down with MTA, FX and AD in 2010 as well. There is something about this art form that keeps me wanting more, I am constantly striving to outdo myself and make every wall better than the previous. I do graffiti for me, not for other people. At the end of the day I like to go home, look at what I’ve created and pick it apart to find ways to improve it and make it better. To me, graffiti is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life; it’s a way to get away from everything and everyone and just focus on the creating.”

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OUTSIDE/IN curated by Leon Rainbow

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OUTSIDE/IN curated by Leon Rainbow

Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts
22 North High Street, Millville, NJ 08332

June 15th to July 14th, 2012

Friday, June 15th, 2012 6-9pm
free and open to the public

Video Projections by Andrew Wilkinson

Dave Orantes
Karey Maurice
Carmelo “Snow” Sigona
Will ” Kasso” Condry
Maxx Moses
Isaias Crow
Jon “LANK” Conner
Chris RWK
Michael Ciccotello
Luv 1
Peter Krsko
Leon Rainbow
Nose Goodwin
Dez Flykickz
Ricardo Barros
Andrew Wilkinson

Fore more info:
T: 856-327-4500

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Native American Tribute Wall

Native Wall 2006: Characters by Kasso, Plan, Rain, Pro ,Pheds, Jicarilla Apache Man (left), Kicking Bear (Minneconjou Lakota)

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In March of 2006, VS(at the time we were not an official crew)
completed our first production.  A Native American themed wall. RAIN
had the idea to do this theme which is based around his heritage.
Since he procured the wall, we all agreed to the concept and theme and
decided to really take our time with this one…particularly since the
wall was so big…our largest at the time.


PLAN came down from philly to rock out on the wall with his very
technical painting style, PRO(who at the time the wall was procured
was incarcerated) so we wanted till he came home to start and he
banged out a pretty cool straight letter…RAIN produced a Native
American inspired piece and PHEDS(who no longer writes) produced a
nice lil blue burner which was capped off my portrait of Kicking Bear
(Minneconjou Lakota) I also produced another portrait on an Icarilla
Apache Man on the far left.

It was our most ambitious project at the time and we were beyond proud
of it.  It was also featured on the historic graffiti website

Native Wall 2011: Ras (portrait), Pro, Demer, Klark, Delve, Rain, Joe Base, Mek, Ras, Kasso (Portrait)
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Fast forward 6 years and VS is firmly established as a crew with
membership throughout the east coast. Our native wall was beginning to
fallen apart after years weather damage. We decide to update the wall
with the same theme, but this time bring out other members to
contribute to the production.

MEK was the first to layout his piece on the new,updated production
and he also produced majority of the background and scenery.
With the exception of the sky that was painted by RAIN.
RAS went over the decaying portrait of the  Icarilla Apache Man and put in its
place a beautiful portrait of a young Native American woman. MEK also
added to the portrait by detailing her outfit, hair and accessories.
PLAN(now DELVE), DEMER, and JOE BASE went high up and produce floating
pieces in the space were only clouds were on the pervious mural.

RAIN, PRO and KLARK produced very well rendered burners which
complimented  MEKS backgrounds perfectly and RAS, even with his fear
of scaffolding, went up high and filled in the last slot with a nice
lil burner. I decided to do a full figure inside of just a portrait
like years before. I painted a medicine man of the Sioux Nation which
covered up the old portrait of Kicking Bear (Minneconjou Lakota).

We collectively worked on this production for a few weeks…compared
to a weekend like the previous.  The one thing we all noticed was the
progression of our skills over the years and how we were able to
attain seamless balance with even with so many personalities.  Good
times throughout the course of this wall and we are looking forward
doing more in the near future!

Description by Will Kasso

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5 burners-Klark, Mek, Pre, NM, Rain
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Jersey Fresh Jam 2011

Jersey Fresh Jam flyer

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Evak and Mek. Rapture.

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Azma and Mek VS

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Trailer of Gold




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Mek- Graf gone wild

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Graf gone Wild by Mek.

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Dr Doom

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