Carmelo “SNOW” Sigona has been exploring aerosol art for more than 25 years, a member of FX Crew (Bronx,NY) and a founding member of QM8 (NJ/PA). Carmelo’s works have been featured in many publications, most notably, Time, People, and The Source magazines. Carmelo has exhibited work from Soho to Amsterdam, participated in live painting shows in Germany, Canada, and Puerto Rico, as well as being featured in several video documentaries. Carmelo owns and operates Snowstorm Grafx, a new jersey based mural and set design studio. his clients have ranged from Will Smith, Lil Kim, and Wu-Tang Clan to Casio, Berlx Labs, and Holiday Inn Corp. Most recent works include Platinum recording artist Chris Brown, Mobb Deep, and Gangstarr. He joined VS in 2010.
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